RUNNING DATING? Spicy gaming offers is a new big thing!

Why us?

As a network, we only work with "exotic" browsing gaming products. Such dedication to one vertical puts us in a unique position where we can offer the best converting rates(CR) for anybody with gaming traffic. We provide customized landing pages for every niche used for the gaming offers promotion

Reliable infrastructure

In order to process millions of clicks daily, we use a variety of in-house and cloud solutions aimed to guarantee the highest possible speed.

We accept all GEOs

We accept almost all countries (except Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Egypt, El Salvador, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and North Korea)

Flexible payments

We are open to consider every option, especially if continuance of your business depends on it . Please contact your affiliate manager (AM) for the details

Sophisticated processing

We work closely with 5 payment providers in order to guarantee the best possible CR you can currently get on market

DO NOT BE BLINDED BY HIGH PAYOUTS! Our conversion rates are the best in the market of gaming offers!

Too many networks promise high payouts, attract new partners, and after leaving them, they cheat. In order to avoid, always rely on the conversion rates - not on the payouts. We work closely with our affiliates in order to provide the best conversion rates, not the payouts. We have a complicated processing system and we never say what give you will receive - it will depend on many factors including how the traffic behaves and many more.We may have dynamic payouts, but the only fundamental constant is that we have the highest conversion rate.

We are media buyers as well - we can help you!

We are often asked why don't we buy traffic ourselves and what do we need affiliates for if they create extra competition for us. Initially, this question might seem to raise a valid objection, but fortunately, it is not how the affiliate industry works. The process of traffic buying is not simply math - it is a creative process. Two different buyers can even get contradictory results from the same source. Not only are we not afraid of the competition that our affiliates create for us, we actually welcome it, and even try hard to help them succeed with us. We offer stats, promos, and ideas. We share our sources and adjust landing pages in order to get approval from the affiliate sources. The reality is that we are not the only ones who compete for the traffic for our products. Even if we combine our efforts with the efforts of all the affiliates who chase the traffic out there - it will be just a mere a drop in the sea of traffic and there is still a lot that can be done. The possibilities are limitless and we understand that we need affiliates in order to become really big and we are ready to compensate delete their efforts generously.

Our partners
Our team

The concept of the company is just a "useful fiction" that helps people to operate on the market. However, you won't be communicating with a company, but with people, and we have the best people with the highest empathy level. We started 6 years ago as a media buying team and after all those years we keep managing all our campaigns.To this day and we are still in the media buying business, while a lot of people dropped it or shifted towards other fields of marketing. Offers get paused, advertisers to pay, whole verticals die - these are all not just some sad stories for us - we have seen it all. That's why we created a company that is comfortable to work with. We know that the affiliate industry is cruel but efficient. The weak one dies here, but the strong thrive and achieves an enormous level of success. We decided to be a strong team that unites extraordinary people around us. We decided to inspire and let other people earn their bread. It is a tough mission, but one we have earnestly chosen for ourselves. It is impossible to describe how good our team is - join our network and see yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I switch from dating to games?

Games and dating both have a very similar funnel that leads users to conversion. They are virtually the same product, have the same audience and competitive conversion rates. While dating promoted heavily for a long time, games is a fresh promising vertical which could be a great alternative for your traffic.

What are your products?

The products are browser games that convert like crazy. It happens because of the highly engaging business model we use. Contact your AM to get our best offers.

What will I get commission for?

You are entitled to get the commission every time a user activates the subscription in our gaming products. It can be a trial or a full membership - we pay for both. Talk you your AM about different business models we offer (CLP, CPS, etc)

How do I get my money?

We send wire transfers. We can arrange payments via Paxum, Paypal, Webmoney and other PSPs.

What is the best traffic source for your products?

There are tons of traffic sources and the hardest part is to choose where to start. We can surely say that all types of quality display traffic work for us. It can be dating traffic, streaming, or gaming traffic. If the banner explicitly transmits the idea of the product - it will do. You will only need to optimize it for profit.

What traffic you do not accept?

Even though we accept traffic from all regions and of all types, we can sometimes ask our affiliates to pause traffic if we see that the conversion level is too low and traffic is being wasted. It is hard to believe but sometimes it happens, no other reason for that. Also, we can ask to pause your traffic sometimes if you run our offers on CPL model and the quality is not what was expected. Talk to your AM for the details.

How is everything tracked?

We use Affise (here is an old good referral link as a proven and reliable software for our affiliates. Other technologies are involved, but on your end you will be using a familiar and simple interface.

What is the minimum budget for the test?

It depends on how well you know your traffic. It could be only a few hundred dollars. We can postback your leads so you could evaluate your traffic and see how relevant it is for our products.