Terms & Conditions

  1. Affiliate Enrollment
    1. Enrollment Process
      1. To enroll as an affiliate, submit your application through the Gaming-offers website. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and truthful. False identities or aliases are strictly prohibited. Keep your contact information up-to-date and inform us of any changes promptly.
      2. Individuals (non-corporate entities) must exceed 18 years or the legal adult age in their respective jurisdictions to qualify for affiliate participation.
      3. Acceptance into the Gamingoffers.biz affiliate program is contingent upon our approval. We retain the discretion to reject applications for reasons including, but not limited to, unsuitable promotional methods, traffic sources, or potential agreement violations.
      4. Applications from individuals or entities from, or linked to, countries listed on various sanction lists (OFAC, FATF, EU, UN) will be automatically rejected.
      5. Access to any Affiliate Program may be terminated or suspended, aligning with the stipulations of this Agreement.
      6. Approved affiliates will be granted access credentials to their Affiliate Account, which must be safeguarded through regular password changes.
    2. Affiliate Assurances
      1. Affiliates assert no connections with prohibited territories.
      2. All data in the application and account is current and accurate.
      3. Affiliate networks will ensure adherence to this Agreement by their affiliates.
      4. Legal eligibility to enter into this Agreement is confirmed.
      5. Account security is the sole responsibility of the affiliate, with prompt reporting of unauthorized usage mandatory.
  2. Remuneration/Commissions
    1. Commission Disbursements
      Commissions are paid for each 'Qualified Action', defined as genuine user engagement via the provided link, without fraudulent methods, and fulfilling all required actions. We reserve the right to withhold commission for non-compliant activities.
    2. Payout Schedule
      New affiliates will initially receive monthly payments. This will transition to bi-weekly payments once they achieve specific revenue thresholds, such as generating $3000 monthly. Various payment methods are available, subject to minimum withdrawal balance requirements of $300.
    3. Currency and Billing
      Commissions are paid in USD or EUR, with exchange rates based on xe.com on the transaction date. Invoices are auto-generated; disputes must be raised within 30 days.
    4. Balance Reconciliation
      Outstanding dues under this or any ancillary agreements are subject to offsetting against your commission earnings.
    5. Referral Fee Structure
      A referral fee of 10% accrues for six months post-referral account inception or until its closure, whichever precedes. Aggregated billing for referral and standard fees is standard unless otherwise stipulated.
    6. Billing Inaccuracies
      Discrepancies in billing details, including outdated or altered information resulting in bank fees for commission reimbursements, will incur penalties. These fines fluctuate with invoice totals, ranging from $50 to in excess of $200.
    7. Commission Disbursement Criteria
      Payment delays may occur if accurate payment details are not provided or if the minimum earnings threshold is not met. Inactive accounts for over six months may forfeit their earnings.
  3. Affiliate Conduct and Responsibilities
    1. Content Oversight
      Responsibility for the content and management of your media falls upon you. Ensure all content related to Affiliate Programs is lawful, non-infringing, and devoid of prohibited material. Unauthorized representations of our entity, our partners, or their offerings are not permitted.
    2. Data Handling Compliance
      Adherence to prevailing laws in data collection is mandatory, with transparent disclosure practices. Compliance with GDPR and other data protection statutes is your responsibility.
    3. Content Oversight
      1. Email Initiatives: Adherence to our email advertising guidelines is mandatory. Spam or unsolicited emails trigger account termination. Utilize the "Suppression List" in approved campaigns and honor opt-out requests.
      2. Promotional Activities: Deploying Gaming-offers links on bulletin boards, chat rooms, or similar forums requires explicit consent. You are tasked with monitoring traffic for promotions with defined caps.
      3. CPA Network Engagements: Commit to posting links within your Network for Third-Party Affiliates, ensuring their alignment with this Agreement. Responsibility for their compliance and disassociation from any non-compliant Third-Party Affiliate lies with you.
    4. Mobile Engagement
      We accept traffic from desktops and tablets for targeted web pages. Mobile traffic must be channeled to appropriate mobile-specific landing pages, adhering to device-specific limitations.
  4. Intellectual Property and Licensing
    Alterations or modifications to Program Web Sites or company insignias are prohibited. Unauthorized use of Partner trademarks is strictly forbidden. Ensure promotional content accuracy and guard against misleading representations.
  5. Confidentiality Clause
    All information pertinent to this Agreement, including but not limited to business and financial data, is deemed confidential. Disclosure or utilization of such information, barring Affiliate Program participation, is strictly prohibited.
  6. Agreement Termination
    This Agreement is effective upon your application's approval and remains in force until terminated. You may end your participation by removing all affiliate links. We may terminate your involvement or this Agreement at any time, with or without notice.
  7. Affiliate Non-Approval
    Account suspension or closure may occur due to various factors including, but not limited to, breach of terms and conditions, inappropriate content, or non-compliance with legal and policy frameworks.
  8. Enforcement and Remedies
    We retain the authority to withhold or recover Commissions and pursue legal action in instances of Agreement violation or fraudulent practices.
  9. Anti-Spam Compliance
    Adherence to the CAN-SPAM Act and related regulations is required. Inclusion of opt-out links in emails is mandatory, and adherence to these laws is your sole responsibility, independent of our endorsement.
  10. Fraud Prohibition
    Engagement in fraudulent activities, including the use of proxies or VPNs, is strictly prohibited and will lead to account termination and potential legal proceedings.
  11. Declarations and Guarantees
    You affirm your legal eligibility to enter into this Agreement, thereby acknowledging.
  12. Promotional Exclusivity: Affiliates are granted access to our designated landing pages solely for the promotion of our offers. We reserve the right to monitor the traffic sources and methods used by affiliates to promote our landing pages.

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