45% ROI on Israeli Campaigns with ExoClick Traffic

We ran an ad campaign targeting gamers in Israel, working with GamingOffers.biz and using Exoclick.

Campaign Details

  • Geographic Focus: Tier 2 (Israel)
  • Partner: GamingOffers.biz
  • Network: Exoclick
  • Ad Format: 300x100
  • Device: Mobile
  • Languages: Hebrew
  • Bidding Strategy: Smart CPM at $0.12
  • Daily Budget: $200 with Quick Delivery option
  • Frequency Capping: 1 impression per user every 24 hours


The campaign was run over a period of one month.


  • Cost: $1065.97
  • Revenue: $1547.50
  • Profit: $481.53
  • ROI: 45.17%

Optimization Insights

To enhance campaign efficiency, certain locations and browsers were identified as non-performing and added to the Black List:

  • Locations: Northern District
  • Browsers: Firefox, Generic, In-App

Creative Assets

The creative assets used (ask your affiliate manager to open the access here) became less effective by the end of the test phase, likely due to their origin from spy tools.

Creative Performance Data

Performance statistics for the creative assets are available on Exoclick (ask your affiliate manager to open the access link) and Voluum ( ask your affiliate manager to open the access link).

Top Performing Zones

Details on the top-performing zones can be found here.


Israel remains a highly lucrative geo for gaming promotions, with even more successful case studies present. Different ad formats are recommended for testing to optimize campaign outcomes.

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