A Brief Guide on "How to Promote Adult Games on Social Traffic"

"Adult Games" is a fresh adult vertical that employs a user subscription-based business model.The affiliate earns a pre-determined payout each time a user activates a subscription.

Here are some examples of landing pages (please note that some of them might not be active, consult your Affiliate Manager in such cases):


Below is an example of the “creo” currently being used for product promotion:


For the convenience of our affiliates, we've developed a PWA application to which they can direct traffic. Please note that both the white and money pages are pre-set, there is NO additional setup required. Simply direct traffic to the designated PWA URL, ensuring that mandatory parameters are included. With this arrangement, accounts should live reasonably long.

It's crucial to include two mandatory parameters in the URL:
Pixel ID: fbp={fbp}
External unique ID: externalid={user_id}

With this configuration, we can directly forward the conversions to your ads manager. You can also view these conversions on your admin panel, accessible with the login details provided by your affiliate manager.

Now, the stats! Please consider the following as a benchmark, an illustration to help you understand the numbers you are likely to encounter. These statistics may vary from one country to another, but generally provide a reasonable expectation of what you might anticipate.


Please bear in mind, if you are transitioning to adult games from a different vertical, you may encounter differing performance at any stage of campaign management compared to the vertical you are used to. To determine if it's a worthwhile pursuit, a practical test is the most reliable method. For example - the audience for “games” is broad (18+), which gives the opportunity to run ample campaigns. This is a generic product meaning literally any person might be interested in it in contrast with other verticals where you should look for your audience!

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