213% ROI with a Single ExoClick Zone in France

In one of our previous cases
33% ROI with PreRolls (In-Stream Video) on France
media buyer spotted a high-performing zone with a decent CPM of 0.711.

We will not disclose which zone it was, as we continue to buy traffic from it to this very day. The key to success here is the right communication with the traffic source. ExoClick offered our media buyer a sweet deal: 70% of all mobile traffic in France for just 0.4 CPM. With this advantage, the next step was selecting the right ads to run.

The bottom line:

  • Cost: 1029.342
  • Revenue: 3230.00
  • Profit: 2200.658
  • ROI: 213.79%

Some screenshots from the tracking system:
Creatives that were used for this buy:
ExoClick stats:

What We Learned:

Affiliate marketing is clearly not only about rotating ads. You need to identify opportunities and fully leverage them. We would have missed a huge chunk of profit had we continued buying on a bidding model, but reaching out directly helped us achieve an instantly sweet ROI.

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